The revolutionary blockchain technology has opened a new field known as blockchain development and has created many job opportunities for tech enthusiasts and developers. As Blockchain is relatively a new technology, people usually get confused about the things they should do and the direction they should take to become a blockchain developer.

The questions like ‘what kind of development is a blockchain developer concerned with’ are asked on numerous occasions and confuse many developers out there in the industry. So, let’s get rid of this confusion and learn about blockchain development and its concerned development.

Basically, any developer who is involved in blockchain development can be called a blockchain developer. Further, there are two distinct classifications of blockchain developers. Let’s discuss both of them briefly.

Types of Blockchain Developers

Following are the two types of blockchain developers:

  • Core Blockchain Developers – The developers who develop and optimizes the design, architecture, protocols, and security patterns of blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain Software Developers – The developers who use this architecture and know how to develop blockchain applications, using that architecture.

Technical Skills Required By A Blockchain Developer

A person is expected to have a combination of skills and knowledge if he/she is aiming to become a blockchain developer. Let’s discuss those necessary skills.

1. Blockchain Architecture

An aspiring blockchain developer is required to have a good understanding of blockchain, and its architecture. He should be aware of the concepts like distributed ledger technology, consensus, cryptographic hash functions, like they at his fingers tips.

Going through the bitcoin blockchain white paper is the most effective way to get familiarised and learn blockchain technology, but it is a tedious task and some guidance usually helps in boosting the learning curve. You can also go for some courses to learn blockchain fundamentals and learn how to develop blockchain applications.

2. Data Structures

If aiming to become a blockchain developer, you need to have in-depth knowledge of data structures and its application in the blockchain. To build an immutable and secure system, Blockchain technology uses multiple data structures with advanced cryptography.

Blockchain developers are required to constantly tweak the existing data structures in order to meet their network requirements. Knowledge about blockchain is incomplete without any knowledge of data structures.

3. Cryptography

As it’s just mentioned above that, Blockchain technology uses advanced cryptography in conjunction with data structures, therefore it is obvious to have an in-depth knowledge of cryptography also if you are trying to excel as a blockchain developer.

Blockchain uses cryptographic methods such as hash functions along with asynchronous cryptography in order to generate digital signatures. It’s impossible to be a good blockchain developer if you don’t understand how these things work.

4. Web Development

Web development is another core aspect that a blockchain developer needs to know. At the starting of their career, a majority of blockchain developers are employed for designing decentralized apps.

This makes it necessary to have the knowledge of both back-end and front-end development of web applications which includes creating interactive graphical UI for API handling, Dapps, and request handling, etc.

5. Smart Contracts

Since the advent of Ethereum, Smart Contracts Development has become a very popular thing. Now, each and every blockchain tries to integrate smart contracts into their systems for the easy implementation of their business logic on blockchain.

Therefore, the developers who are striving to become successful blockchain developers should definitely acquire smart contract development knowledge. This generally comes with learning some network specific languages like Viper, Solidity, Chaincode, etc.


Many businesses, organizations and even tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and Facebook have already passed the testing stage, and using the Blockchain technology extensively, with more companies in line to follow their footsteps. Many companies are utilizing their advantage by providing app development services as blockchain development companies.

Because of the tons of learning material online, becoming a Blockchain developer has become easier than ever before. Whatever way you select, but for certain, this is the right time to get into this booming field of Blockchain development. Make sure to tick all the boxes in our list and be ready to display your talent to the whole world.


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