Digital marketing Agency is all about giving your brand an online exposure. SEO in 2021 being its key element revolves around getting the websites ranked high in the search engines. This is to bring more traffic to the site and hence, the more prospective sales and increased ROI.

SEO trends keep on evolving except a few such as quality content, link building and image optimization to name a few. Free guest posting Service For Higher Ranking and content promotion on social media were on hype the past year.

SEO is an intricate process just because Google is consistently changing the rules of this challenging game.

For example, if your focused keyword is web design Austin and you follow the prominent trends it will be ranked high quite fast.

But, in case, Google restructures the ranking factors or introduce entirely new, then it may trouble your keyword’s rank in the SERPs. So, you need to stay ahead of others to reap the benefits of game-changing SEO trends.

Enlisted below are the latest trends to be added in your SEO plan for improved rankings in the search engines.

1. Survival of the Fastest:

Google nurtures the page ranking on its loading speed. The fast-loading web pages positively impact the user experience, which, in turn improves the SERPs rankings.

The speed factor works in the loop, here.

For better rankings, your web pages should take a few seconds for loading; usually within 3 seconds. Search engines expect so.

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Prior to start your SEO campaign, opt for page-speed-test by Google who’s front-runner of the search engine community. Google offers various web performance tools including PageSpeed Insights.

If you don’t know how to do it, then get in contact with a reliable digital marketing agency in Austin and it will provide you a complete site analysis including the page speed. From there, you can get a complete web performance report for your site.

 2. The Evolution of SERPs

SERP features have been evolved to the extent that SEO experts need to think more than twice to assume #1 organic ranking as a key route to enhanced web traffic.

The featured snippets, image packs, and knowledge panels, etc., are the SERP features that are now expunging the searcher’s attention from the organic listings and taking away their click-rates as well. It’s only digestible if you can comprehend the evolutionary process of Google SERPs till date.

SERP results experienced a great shift from minimum 10 links for a single search to a plethora of links from ‘top stories’ to ‘map locations’ and ‘people also ask’, etc., for the same keyword.

This change makes important for the SEO experts to persistently track their rankings within these SERP features.

Online Rank Trackers are available for this purpose. Moreover, search engine optimizers should keep bull’s eye on features that highlight your keywords, but are actually stealing your potential traffic.

You can use the SERP Analysis tab in your site’s Google Analytics property to measure the volatility of features that are triggered by your targeted keywords.

3. Voice Search Outdoing the Type Search

The voice search ratio is growing rapidly compared to type search. According to Google reports that more than 50% teens use voice search on daily basis.

This pertains to the need of engaging entirely new keyword research routine in the SEO strategy.

The search engine optimizers should use conversational sentences commonly used by people rather than strange and unusual query lingo. Research for questions internet explorers are more likely to ask for via voice search.

  • Last to be mentioned is keeping web data well-structured, using the featured snippets and indexing the site for the mobile devices. Mobile SEO is a real deal, now.

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