Mind Maps are therefore handy as they help generate, organize and classify tasks and ideas. They also help when it comes to arranging and classifying vital information and also while making crucial decisions.

When it comes to blogging, a single key concept or theme that runs through it can be the idea around which the entire mind map is created. These mini elements which are all linked to the central idea generate fresh ideas for blog posts.

How is Mind Mapping done?

Mind mapping can be done anywhere, be it using pen and paper, a tablet computer or a notebook, or even using mind mapping software. There has to be one central word, phrase, image, or question usually encased in a box at the center of the page.

Lines or branches are then drawn out from this central idea with further words or ideas at their ends. These new ideas can be developed with further lines or extensions without the need for any rigid order of arrangement. Colors can be used too, for differentiation and emphasis of corresponding ideas.

It is important to go with the flow as far as putting down ideas is concerned, as the whole point of mind mapping is to stimulate your mind to come up with new ideas or solutions. These ideas are to be developed to the fullest extent possible, with the help of links or connections, and therefore, it is never actually feasible to recreate a mind map.

This is because re-creating a mind map is bound to throw up newer ideas and concepts, thus leading to a different map altogether. A mind map can never be called complete as well, as there is always room for more blog post ideas, concepts, solutions, and trains of thought, so it is always a work in progress.

Useful tips for Mind Mapping

There are a few suggestions you can keep in mind while creating a mind map. I derived these tips from my practice of mind mapping for blog posts.

Using the following tips, I was able to not only generate fresh ideas related to each of the discount coupons but also could easily sort them out in a nice fashion.

  • First of all, symbols should be used to classify the various thoughts and ideas.
  • There should be proper spacing between topics and all the keywords should be placed on lines, along with multi-headed arrows of different colors, shapes, and sizes.
  • Specific branches should be highlighted through borders or boundaries and line and word hierarchies can be used, with varying word sizes and line dimensions.
  • The upper and lower case can also be used to highlight words, as can a wide variety of font styles.
  • The central image should be created with care and the branches should radiate outwards from it.
  • There can also be variations in colors and endings of branches to emphasize particular words or even distinguish between topics.
  • For effective recollection, it is vital to have some variation in colors, highlighting, and dimensions of images and pictures used.

Mind Mapping Software

There is a wide range of mind mapping software available today, which will help you in creating effective mind maps. These include Tony Buzan’s iMindMap, MindMeister, Mind Manager, and Visual Mind among many others. These software resources promise to transform your map into a total visual database by assimilating all information, documents, links, and notes, along with seamless exporting to other software.


With the help of such software, you can make presentations of your map, along with total flexibility and ease of re-arrangement. Though software saves time and effort, many still prefer the traditional, hand-drawn method for mind mapping. Due to a non-linear method of thinking applied, mind mapping is the best way to generate terrific blog post ideas.


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