If you are looking for unique travel experience, Kerala is the best place to see and Kerala tours lane is one answer. Rendering you a holistic kerala Tours you can explore different attractions here which are romantic, adventurous and thrilling as well. You can enjoy world famous tourist destinations of Kerala. National Parks, Backwaters, Wild life Sanctuaries, Beaches everything makes this destination unique and memorable. Kerala always offers something for everyone.

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What makes us outstanding?

World of tourism is changing faster than our imagination. Travellers today does not look for conventional travel plans and they want something extra ordinary in there travel package which must be according to their preferred destinations. So here at Kerala tours lane design special travel plans according to your preference it may sound strange to you but we made this possible for the travel lovers.

Why to choose Kerala ?

Kerala is one of the preferred destinations in the world. Here you get access to the high mountains, wildlife, cultural and colourful Kerala, Pristine Backwaters and Deep Rivers. Kerala Tours Lane prepare Kerala Tour packages according to your tastes and preferences after keeping your budget in mind. We will design Kerala Packages according to your convenience. You just let us know what you want to enjoy, where you want to go and what you want to do and leave rest of the things on us.

Romantic Sightseeing’s of Kerala: Kerala is a perfect place for lots of adventure, romance and spending time in nature’s beauty. Here couples can plan their honeymoon to relax in nature’s arms. Adventurous Trip of Kerala: Kerala is known for its famous wildlife Sanctuaries which are situated among the dark forests of Kerala.

Culture of Kerala: People consider this place as God’s Own Country which is also known as the land of rivers. People of Kerala have conserved the heritage of Kerala and culture of Kerala is a heritage part of India.

Combine all these elements and you will understand that why Kerala people consider their place as God’s Own Country. Kerala is a perfect destination for cultural, adventurous, and relaxing tours. No doubt that all these things make Kerala a perfect tourist destination and many people are fascinating about spending their holidays in kerala.

What Makes us Special ?

  • Kerala Tours Lane give unmatched Kerala tour experience.
  • Our experts know Kerala through their experience of serving thousands of tourists.
  • We offer different unmatched Kerala Packages and you will never run short of enjoying.
  • We strongly recommend you to book your Kerala package as easy as possible to avoid missing of important festivals and happening events of Kerala.

Kerala Tours Lane can help you in choosing best Kerala tour package from our different specialise Kerala tour packages. We are offering several tour packages for Kerala which are not only interesting but can also save money in your pocket. You can find more information about Kerala Tours in other sections of the site.

History Of Kerala

Kerala is trusted Gods Own Country. The name Kerala is broadly clarified as “the place where there is coconuts”, got from Malayalam word “kera” and that implies coconut. As referenced before, history of Kerala can be followed back to 4000 B.C. History is, “a story or record of significant occasions that happened to an individual or country, ordinarily with a clarification of circumstances and end results”. Old Period alludes to the time before the Christian time, when Proto Australoid and Negrito race possessed the land.

Kerala was known to the ancient Phoenicians as a coast from which fabulous spices and commodities like Sandalwood, Ivory, Teakwood etc, such as pepper, cardamom and ginger, were exported to many countries of the west. Kerala stood firm on a significant foothold in the business guide of the old world. Megalithic monuments like various kinds of burial stones and urns and some man-made underground chambers have also been found.

According to Traditional Malayali legend proclaims that Kerala arose from the sea, when the sage Parasurama threw his axe northwards into the waves after sitting in penance at Kanyakumari. You might take it as a poet’s dream. Yet, the geologists have brought up that the height of Kerala from the ocean was for sure a consequence of some seismic movement, either unexpected or slow. The history of Kerala is unanimous.

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