Eyelash growth serums have been breakthrough solutions that are vouched globally for enhancing the health of lashes. Lash serums promote the growth of new lashes by triggering the follicles of the lashes and revitalize the existing lashes by providing them the needed essentials. Lash and brow serums also hydrate the lashes so that lashes are protected from breakage and fall outs. These serums provide natural ways to get a well-defined lash line and free one from the clutches of uncomfortable fake lashes and expensive lash extension procedures. We are going to see detailed guide about eyelash growth serums.

What are lash growth serums?

Lash growth serums are chemical formulations with or without added plant extracts to nourish the lashes. These serums foster the growth of new lashes and make the existing ones healthier, thereby giving you a fuller look. Lash growth serums usually come in bottles similar to that of mascaras with an applicator brush. To properly apply lash serum, simply use the applicator brush to apply a thin layer along your lash line from outside to the inner corner of your eye. Apply lash serum only along the top lashes. Your bottom lashes are insufficiently dense to protect the serum from getting into your eyes.

Common ingredients found in serums

Here is a list of common ingredients that are found in most of the lash growth serums that are formulated to improve the overall appearance and health of the lashes. These ingredients are mostly dermatologist approved and are usually considered safe to be used on the sensitive regions around the eyes.

  • Keratin – Found naturally in hair, keratin plays a crucial role in strengthening  and maintaining the structure of hair.
  • Biotin –Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, boosts the formation of keratin in hair and has been shown to accelerate follicle growth.
  • Sodium hyaluronate – retains moisture
  • Panthenol (vitamin B5) – conditions the lashes
  • Peptides – works at root level and stimulates hair growth at the follicle
  • Prostaglandin derived ingredients – encourages the lashes to enter the anagen (growth) phase of the lash growth cycle and contributes to the extension of this phase.
  • Botanical extracts – various nourishing benefits
  • Vitamins – promote healthy lashes

Types of lash serums

Lash serums nourish and boost lashes with a variety of ingredients, and they are commonly divided into three categories based on their main active ingredients:

  1. Prostaglandin derived
  2. Peptide based
  3. Vitamin based

Each lash serum has benefits on its own and are equally beneficial in helping you get fuller eye looks.

Are lash and brow growth serums safe?

Yes, lash and brow growth serums are safe to be used on a daily basis by healthy individuals who do not have an eye problem. When buying a lash growth serum, check the list of ingredients to see if any harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates are added. You should avoid using such products and instead choose the ones that are 100% vegan, approved by ophthalmologists and dermatologists, and clinically tested.

Side effects with lash growth serums

Most over-the-counter lash growth serums are safe to be used by everyone above 18 years of age. However, the formulations in the lash growth serums can cause minor allergic reactions in a few people. If you develop a new eye ailment, experience a sudden loss of vision, have recently undergone eye surgery, or experience any ocular reactions right after 48 hours of using the serum, then you should stop using the serum and contact your ophthalmologist immediately.

Who should not use the lash and brow volumizing serums?

While serums are safe to be used by most people, there are a few people who should avoid using lash growth serums or take an ophthalmologist opinion before using one. People who have an eye problem such as blepharitis, glaucoma, macular edema, or eye inflammation should use the serums only after checking about it with an ophthalmologist. Your ophthalmologist will evaluate the ingredients in the serum and the present condition of your eyes and suggest if it is safe to use the serum. He might also recommend some other serum that is safe to be used on your eyes.

After how many days can I see some change in my lashes?

If you regularly use the lash growth serum as per the instructions everyday, you can start seeing the results in as little as 4 weeks. However, if you are looking for some miracle to happen overnight, then lash growth serum might not be the right choice for you.


We hope that this article comprehensively covers all the guide to eyelash growth serums that you need to know about. Lash growth serums are one of the safest solutions to achieve beautiful lashes and if you are interested in buying a 100% vegan product that is recommended by opthamologists, you can try Lustrous Lashes. The brand promises an 84-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its lash growth serum.

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