Fundamentals of project management have main objectives of understanding the process, knowing the commonly used terms and most importantly, knowing the role of the project manager. However, understanding these fundamentals can be a tiresome process for any accidental as well as intentional project manager.

Here you are simple and easy way to manage your business, 10 Project Management tips

  1. Understanding the concept of project management

A project manager must be aware of the many things that are project related as well as operational. Knowing the difference between these two and tracking all project related activities help in the operational aspect.

  1. Understanding project life cycle

One can also consider it to be associated with deliverables. It usually consists of 4 stages namely –

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Closure
  1. Keeping it simple

A simplified approach to any task enhances the chances of successful completion of it at a faster rate. A complicated approach however, can make matters more conflicted.

  1. Seeking reliable help

A smarter way to channelize the process is by seeking help from any reliable source instead of getting stuck at any phase of the project.

  1. Ask for queries

The key people including project managers need to ask questions and clear any doubts regarding the project over and over again until the time, necessary solutions are received.

  1. Enlisting all mentors

A project management requires the guidance of mentors who can provide help in different areas. A mentor must be able to help with project related activities as well as other organizational work commitments.

  1. Identifying all go-to people

Those people who are a part of the customer organizations, stakeholders and those who can provide information, support, and escalation are the go-to people for a particular organization.

  1. Respecting the team

Unity is very important for either making or breaking a team. Hence, mutual respect and loyalty among the team members help to get things done properly.

  1. Gather data from customers

The customer or the stake holders are the ones who can give information that is essential to run an organization. As a project manager, one needs to gather them all. The information can vary from market services, customers or their own organization.

  1. Discerning the input

A project manager needs to discern the inputs that are provided by different people and analyse them practically. Having the knowledge about an accurate data is necessary and a project manager must be able to recognize them.


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